Senior School Contacts. You are welcome to Fayetteville Techie Group Colleges Senior High School Contacts Course!

Senior School Contacts. You are welcome to Fayetteville Techie Group Colleges Senior High School Contacts Course!

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Understanding Twelfth Grade Relationships?

Have a start on level or career. Need free of charge institution instruction as increased university beginner to accelerate conclusion of school certificates, certifications, and connect qualifications conducive to school transport or supply entry level work skill.

School Connections (HSC) could be the regional side regarding the status system, job and institution Promise. This system produces seamless dual registration informative possibilities for eligible vermont high school students.

High School Relationships Registration

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Put On

To Apply for the High School Connections Programs, complete the Enrollment Application.

Choose Their Recommended Walkway & Training

The Career & technological studies trails for senior school associations students features most certificate software to help you farther along students studies. After graduating high school students are going to have vouchers to go in conjunction with any associate diploma they might wish get.

The school transport Pathway resulting in the connect in artwork is ideal for twelfth grade juniors and seniors who wish to began study toward the Associate in artwork degree and a baccalaureate amount in a non-STEM key. The route is actually a structured pair of training courses part of the Comprehensive Articulation decision (CAA) between your school of North Carolina plus the new york area university process.

Upload Your Own Transcript/Test Results

A copy of your respective latest transcript really unweighted GPA needs.

Pick Up Books & Afford Prices

Products are sold on FTCC Bookstore. Check to see if a book is going to need to suit your lessons when using the book search Concept. The student is responsible for the student sports costs and technologies fee. For updated information regarding session charge for college students: Business & loans company.

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Must alter your HSC path?

Perfect the senior school joints path modification demand using the internet form.

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